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Professional Salt Spray Chamber

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Salt Spray Chambers are designed to test the protective layers of metallic materials and surfaces, car parts, electronic components and many more.
Salt Spray Chambers are used to quickly qualify a coating or material on a pass-fail basis and to determine the probability of corrosion of a specific material and/or surface.
Widely used in the industrial fields of hardware design and production, architecture and construction, chrome plating, paint and coatings, lamination, coated plastics, metallic structures, e.g. steel, iron, copper, and many more, this Professional Salt Spray Chamber is the ideal test equipment for your laboratory or production line and is available in different sizes to meet your test requirements best.

Qualtech Products Industry Professional Salt Spray Chambers are compliant with international testing standards such as ISO, DIN, MIL, ASTM 117B, CNS GB/T 2423.17, GJB150.

Specifications - Salt Spray Chamber:

Professional Salt Spray Chamber

Design - Salt Spray Chamber:

Professional Salt Spray Chamber Design
  • Spray tower
  • Funnel cup
  • Salt water inlet
  • Control panel
  • Regulator
  • Collective cup
  • Wet and dry bulb hygrometer
  • Chamber cover

Inside Structure - Salt Spray Chamber:

Spray town: Built-in glass nozzle placed inside the nozzle, spray tower through the pipe and then by conical diffuser approaches to distributed to the laboratory.

Spray regulator: Adjust the volume of spray. Warm salt water spray tower at the bottom of the tank, the tank of salt water is added by the bottle into the warm salt water tank, preheating tank water level is controlled by a float, can automatically control the water level, tank bottom cleaning of drains by the use of silicone congestion control.

Collector: The drop of the spray nozzle mist to the body's own way down the funnel cup in 80cm2, and then measured by the channel and flow to the cup.

Wet bulb cup: L-shaped cup is the case of the use of wet-bulb humidity, water containers.

Shelf: The shelf is made from plastic steel, so the centralized point of weight not more than 2kg, but the bear can still be housed within 10kg. Shelves lined with two rows of holes up and down, is placed in vertical sub-compartment bar 15 degrees, 30 degrees.

Filter: This Salt Spray Test Chamber uses to filter impurities in the salt solution to ensure that the nozzle is not clogged.

Heat sink: The sink attached to the bottom of the chamber for water heating equipment to maintain stable temperature and humidity test, and its function heating, insulation.

External Structure - Salt Spray Chamber:

Wet and dry bulb hygrometer: Show the temperature and humidity of chamber.

Measuring barrel: Collect the spray volume each time, 50ml of the characterization.

Seal tank: Principle of using water seal to prevent leakage of salt spray.

Saturated air drums: Placed at the bottom of the control box, adopted SUS # 304 stainless steel. Its function is to heat the air through this barrel, humidity, saturation humidity of air to the nozzle after the spray.

Supplementary bottles of salt: Add salt solution to preheat tank automatically.

Chamber cover: Angle of 100 degrees perspective roof cover, for covering the top combined into one lab.

Regulator: Adjust the air pressure of test chamber. (test condition 1kg/cm2 ).

Pressure gauge: This table shows the pressure pointer is heated air through the saturated air drums to convey the pressure reached when the nozzle.(test condition 1kg/cm2).

Inlet: replenish water to chamber and saturated barrels in normal use automatically.

Control Panel - Salt Spray Chamber:

Professional Salt Spray Chamber Control Panel

Control Panel Details - Salt Spray Chamber:

  • Alarm light
  • Chamber temperature
  • Timer
  • Power
  • Operate
  • Spray
  • Counter
  • Defog
  • Running timer
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure barrel temperature

Control system - Salt Spray Chamber:

Temperature control: Control the chamber temperature, according to standard, salt test is 35℃, and corrosion test is 50℃.

Saturated air barrel temperature controller: Control the saturated air barrel temperature, salt test is 47℃, corrosion test is 63℃.

Timer: Adjustable, can set the time in 0.1s~9999hr free, shut down automatically when the time is over.

Running timer: Direct read 0-9999.9hr, record the whole work hours.

Heat sink temperature controller:Control the temperature of heat sink, Controller with temperature control of the testing machine laboratory environmental temperature changes around the difference is too large, also need to meet the adjustments, the setting method in the control box.

Salt test: Chamber temperature set 35℃, heat sink temperature set is 47℃ (40℃-50℃).

Corrosion test: Chamber temperature set 50℃,heat sink temperature set 65℃ (60℃-70℃).

Saturated air temperature controller: Saturated air barrel safety device, the temperature value for a temperature higher than the actual 5 ℃ (in the control box).

Power switch: Control the whole machine power.

Operate switch: Control the heat system of test chamber, heat sink and saturated air barrel.

Timer switch: Control the timer switch power.

Spray switch: Control the spray system.

Defog switch: Control defog system, clear the salt mist in chamber.

Over temperature alarm light: The light on and cut down the power when heat sink temperature power over 65º.

Low salt water alarm light: Warm salt water tank water level below the lower limit, then the lights on and shut off the operating system.

End light: Then the set time over, the light on and stop machine automatically.

Low water level warning light on the left: Heating tank water level below the lower limit, then the lights and cut off the power.

Right of the low water level warning light: Bucket of water level below the lower limit saturated, then the lights and shut off the operating system.

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