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Nano Film Technology & Sol Gel Application

Professional Dip Coater Nano Film Technology and Sol Gel Application

Dip Coater Clamp Dip-Coater-Specimen-Holder

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Dip Coaters are precise and reliable Dip Coating Instruments for research and laboratory ideal for nano films applications and sol gel applications.
Dip coating is a popular way of creating thin nano films for research purposes. Uniform through dip coating created nano films can be applied onto flat or cylindrical specimen, e.g. industrial processes, spin coating.

The dip coating process can be separated into five main steps:

Dip Coating Step 1 - Immersion: The substrate is immersed jitter-free in the solution of the coating material at a constant speed.

Dip Coating Step 2 - Start-up: The specimen remains inside the solution for a required time-span and is pulled up by the Dip Coater after the immersion is completed.

Dip Coating Step 3 - Deposition: The thin nano film layer deposits itself on the specimen while it is being pulled up at a predefined speed. The withdrawing is carried out at a constant speed to avoid any jittering. The withdrawal speed determines the thickness of the coating which resides on the specimen.

Dip Coating Step 4 - Drainage: Excess liquid drains from the surface.

Dip Coating Step 5 - Evaporation: The solvent evaporates from the liquid, forming the thin nano film layer for evaluation. For volatile solvents, such as alcohols, evaporation starts already during the deposition and drainage step.

In the continuous process of dip coating and nano film application these steps are carried out directly one after each other under controlled temperature and atmospheric conditions. Dip coating techniques can be described in its most simple way as a process where the substrate to be coated is immersed in a liquid and then withdrawn with a well-defined withdrawal speed.
The coating thickness of the nano film applied is mainly defined by the withdrawal speed, by the solid content and the viscosity of the liquid.

If reactive systems are chosen for coatings as it is the case with sol-gel type coatings using alkoxides or pre-hydrolyzed systems - the so-called sols - the control of the atmosphere is indispensable.
The atmosphere influences the evaporation of the solvent and the subsequent destabilization of the sols by solvent evaporation. This leads to a gelation process and the formation of a transparent film due to the small particle size in the sols (nm range).
This technique is used for applications where substrates or objects have a large and or complicated shape to produce a two-sided coating.

Dip Coater For Laboratory and Research

Qualtech Products Industry Dip Coater with Nano thin film technology adopts the Sol-Gel method to produce Nano thin film materials and makes the nano film application extremely easy and convenient.
Put a clean and dry substrate immersed into solutions, preset the immersion time, withdrawing speed, withdrawing length and coating counts.
The immersed substrate is withdrawn at a certain speed by the dip coater. During this process nano film is being created on the surface of the substrate.
The thickness of nano film is determined by the withdrawal speed, the liquid concentration, and the liquid viscosity.
With the application of the Sol-Gel Method to coat films the substrate is pulled out of the colosal and the substate is attached with a layer of thin nano film on its surface called "wet gel film". As the solvent in the wet gel film is volatilized the layer on the substrate is solidified as dry gel film. After the drying and heating treatment the dry gel film will become the desirable nano thin film material.
This precise and reliable dip coater offers a compact and light design of high quality for easy and convenient setup and application in laboratories, e.g. in fume hoods, in glove boxes, in magnetic stirrer and laminar airflow benches to conveniently conduct experiments and testing series based on your requirements.
The dip coater can be easily configured into a system to produce either a single solution coating or multiple solution coatings by combining the coater with our solution management modules which are available for your convenience.

Dip Coater - Applications:

This professional dip coater can be widely applied to solid coating surfaces such e.g. silicon, crips, glasses, ceramics and different metals in different industries such as scientific research, production departments, laboratory testing, and many more.

Dip Coater - Features:

  • Programmable microcomputer controlled: immersion speed, submersion period, withdrawal speed
  • High precision: 1um/min
  • Adjustable withdrawal distance
  • Vibration free immersion and withdrawal
  • Constant temperature control system is optional
  • LED display
  • Low noise generated during operation
  • Installed with high performance lithium battery which can last at least 2.5 hours without electricity
  • RS232 interface can be connected to PC

Dip Coater - Design:

  • A: Clamp
  • B: Operation panel
  • 1: Screw for adjusting the length of boom
  • 2: Boom
  • 3: Screw for clamping the glass plate

Dip Coater - Technical Parameters:

  • 1. Withdraw rate: 0.005----400 mm/min,resolution: 0.001 mm/min
  • 2. Travel distance: Model-I: 0-20cm adjustable / Model-II: 0-30cm adjustable
  • 3. Maximum substrate: Model-I: 10cm x 10cm / Model-II: 15cm x 15cm
  • 4. Immersion time: 1~59999 s; resolution: 1s
  • 5. Coating counts: 1~9999
  • 6. Coating time: 1~59999s
  • 7. Constant temperature control system is optional: RT-200°C
  • 8. Linear rated pressure: >50N
  • 9. Controle resolution: ≤0.5%
  • 10. Lithium battery: >2.5h
  • 11. Power: AC 100-240V
  • 12. Dimensions: Model-I: 26×20×44cm / Model-II 26×20×57cm

Note: Different customised travel distances are available on request

Dip Coater - Digital Display:

Dip Coater Digital Display
Dip Coater Digital Display
Dip Coater Digital Display
Dip Coater Digital Display
Dip Coater Digital Display

This Premium Dip Coater Model is one of the most recognized and available Professional Dip Coaters used successfully in research by professionals and experts on a daily basis.

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