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Professional Color and Contrast Meter

Professional DuPont Impact Tester

Product Description:

Qualtech Products Industry Precise Color Reader is an updated Color Reader designed and produced in accordance with the relative CIE and international standards of color difference measurement.
The characteristics of this Color Reader are high precision, ergonimic design, reliability, easy to use, convenient to carry with the carrying case supported by long living design. This Color Reader can measure color values and color contrast values of the same materials in the blink of a eye and it accurately presents the measured values on the built in TFT display. This Color Reader can measure color differences of different colors and it tests the color difference values between two colors, e.g. “L-a-b” values.
To perform a color measurement this Color Reader uses three light sources to perform the precise analysis and evaluation of color and contrast values. During the measurement this model of Color Reader performs the Metamerism analysis automatically which is being presented on your PC screen with the PC Software which is part of this product.

Color Reader - Advantages:

  • Modern design with a nice surface offering a good grip
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful functions and professional application
  • Simple operation

Color Reader - Main Features:

  • Stable performance and high precision
  • Displays directly thousands of color chromatisms
  • Displays color values by Lab E and L-c-h
  • Displays color △ difference values △E
  • Three standard optical light sources: D65, D50 and F11
  • Saves lots of samples and every sample saves many groups of color differences
  • Connection to a PC to analyze the tested colours and products
  • Performing Metamerism analysis with the included software on the PC
  • Groups of data can be saved
  • Low power consumption, 4pcs AAA (1.5v) batteries
  • Small and portable, light weight and convenient to use
  • Power supply
  • Software for PC
  • Modern and ergonomic design

Color Reader - Content in Carrying Case:

High Quality Color Reader

Color Reader - Included Accessories:

  • 1pc manual
  • Software bag
  • Standard white board standard
  • Black cavity
  • Cleaning tissue
  • AC electrical source adapter CD

Color Reader - Available Additional Accessories:

  • Mini printer available as optional accessory

This Professional Color Reader is one of the most recognized and available Professional Color Readers used successfully in research by professionals and experts. For more information please kindly contact our specialist team.

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